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Discover the world of Parlux Hair Dryers

PARLUX meets their exacting demands by providing an extensive array of professional tools crafted to meet the precise criteria for top-tier performance and dependability. Especially for hairdryers, quality is an important feature starting from the design stage and is applied to every single component to provide reliability, durability, efficiency, and more. PARLUX is the professional’s choice - Probably the best hair dyer in the world.

ETI: Your partner in professional hair care

Explore the excellence of ETI hair tools

ETI is a name synonymous with excellence in the world of hairdryers. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, ETI has become a trusted choice for professional hairstylists and individuals seeking top-notch hair care tools.

WAHL PROFESSIONAL: Precious in every strand

Experience the art of Wahl Professional Hair Tools

Wahl stands as one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional barber and hairdresser clippers and trimmers. This commitment to quality and expertise extends across our Men's personal care range. As a brand renowned for its reliability, we are dedicated to creating products that continually push the boundaries of innovation and performance, delivering excellence to our customers.

WAHL CONSUMER: Your Home Grooming Companion 

Discover convenience with Wahl Consumer Tools

Simplify your grooming routine with WAHL Consumer. WAHL Consumer offers a range of products tailored for home grooming. Explore their collection and experience the ease of grooming in the comfort of your home.

Moser: Excellence in professional hair care

Explore the artistry of Moser Hair Tools

Elevate your hair care game with Moser. Moser's professional-grade tools are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and quality. Dive into their range and transform your hair into a masterpiece.

Andis: Where innovation meets hair care

Discover the magic of Andis Hair Tools

Andis electric hair clippers and trimmers have earned a well-deserved reputation as some of the finest tools in the industry. With a history spanning over a century, Andis has consistently delivered top-quality grooming equipment that professionals and enthusiasts alike can rely on.

Efalock: Beauty crafted with precision

Explore the art of Efalock Hair Tools

Efalock stands as a respected brand in the realm of hair tools, renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality and inventive solutions. With a history spanning numerous years, Efalock has firmly established itself as a go-to choice for both professionals and hair enthusiasts seeking exceptional hairstyling and hair care tools.

Acca Kappa Hair Brushes: Innovation, quality material and craftsmanship

Experience elegance with Acca Kappa Hair Tools

Renowned for its exceptional hair brushes, Acca Kappa, an esteemed Italian brand with roots dating back to 1869, and is characterised by meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials like natural bristles, which enhance hair health and shine.

Leader: Pioneers in hair care solutions

Explore the leadership of leader hair tools

Leaders’ scissors were conceived with one objective in mind: satisfying the needs of the consumer, without compromise.

By offering an extensive array of continually innovative and comprehensive scissors, their goal is to establish themselves as a benchmark for the globally recognised Made in Italy standard, synonymous with excellence. Their aspiration is to bolster and elevate the artistic prowess and commitment of top hairstylists and barbers, championing their creativity and dedication, and experience the future of hair care.

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